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Posters and Hordings Design

Ever since its inception as a professional web designing company, Digg SEO has extensively focused on the most implemented designed strategies. We are proficient in designing posters and hoardings depending on your marketing needs. We endeavored to set certain designing standards of posters and stood triumphant. Our pool of talented team focuses on every detail of your products which helps in building trust among your prospects.

We offer designing services for a range of marketing tools like professional postcard, leaflet, posters, etc which can make a great impact at trade fairs and marketing events. Our relentless efforts to help you outshine your competitors result in great poster designs.

If you feel that your sales are not meeting your company's objectives...let us be the building block for your promotional activities to place your company at a next level.

A glance of the posters we design

  • One off posters for a specific event
  • Corporate or product poster
  • Motivational Posters
  • Corporate office Posters
  • Poster as gift to clients and prospects
The distinction between posters and hoardings is slowly and steadily eroding at least in terms of the size. Previously, posters were usually much smaller than hoardings. The size of the posters was restricted by the size of the printing press. Now with the advancement in printing technology, posters and hoardings can be printed in the same size. Also, previously since the posters were usually smaller, they were used more inside than outside while hoardings were primarily used outside. Hoardings are used more for street presence while posters can be used for street presence as well as store presence. For instance, posters can be used for street presence at bus shelters.


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Hoardings are just large posters. They are generally installed outside in the open--on the highway and on top of buildings. However, you can also see hoardings inside the airports and other large facilities. Hoardings are more effective in delivering the message and getting the attention of the customer as they are not surrounded by text and editorials like newspaper advertisements.

Designing a hoarding is a little different from designing a brochure or an advertisement. There are various reasons for this. First, a hoarding is read from far as compared to a brochure or an advertisement which is just a few inches away from your eyes. Second, you get more time to read a brochure or an advertisement but you may get a few seconds to read a hoarding. When you see a hoarding while driving, you may have the time to just glance at the hoarding. Third, hoardings are only support/reminder advertising mediums. That is, you use this media to remind your target audience that you exist. While driving you don't expect the customer to stop on the road or the highway to read what's written on a hoarding.

Whatever might be your marketing needs; our designing strategies will help you bring out the most effective marketing tools while grabbing total attention of your target audience and generating sales

At Creative Design Studio, we can design posters and hoardings to ensure that your customers get the desired message.

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